Why do strategic plans fail?

It’s around this time of year where strategic plans start to fail. The Management team met to develop a killer strategy, one that would be executed this year (unlike the one from last year which sat on the shelf). But once things start to get busy the first thing to be dropped from the to-do […]

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Eliminate waste and improve profits

Some forms of waste can be tricky to spot, but it’s vital to eliminate all waste. We are regularly surprised by the amount of waste that occurs in manufacturing and supply chain businesses. When I meet with clients who are looking to improve their bottom line performance, I always ask them, “Do you know where […]

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Harnessing the power of Flow

When visiting new clients, one of the first things I do is tour the premises and watch the flow of work through the organisation. In order to uncover efficiencies, it’s vital to understanding how things flow through the business and where the stoppages occur. By simply watching for 15 minutes or so, I can monitor […]

Employee Engagement and the bottom line

With the ever increasing demand to do more with less, it has never been more important to maximise workforce investments. Labour costs are one of the highest expenses for most organisations, yet so many business leaders fail to see how they can get more from their human capital investments.

The challenge is engaging our staff – […]

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What are your most profitable products?

We regularly speak with CFOs and Finance Managers when working on a business transformation. Inevitably, the discussion turns to how they know which products make their business the most profit. The typical response is that they measure a product’s profitability by its gross margin percentage. We challenge this understanding by asking them when was the […]

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