More productive meetings

If you are looking to eliminate wasted time and drive efficiency then it might be wise to review how meetings are run in your organisation. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that United States businesses lose around $37 billion annually in wage costs due to unnecessary and ineffective meetings. Unproductive meetings are costly […]

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Delegating problem solving

Being a leader can be a challenging role. It’s not all about being a good manager but more about inspiring people to follow you on a journey and support your vision.  Many leaders find that their days are consumed with problem solving and they don’t have the time that they crave for more strategic activities […]

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Reduce mistakes, minimise waste and drive efficiency

Mistakes are inevitable in any manufacturing process, but if they are allowed to be repeated, it means that the business doesn’t have a sustainable Problem Solving escalation process in place. Mistakes are not only financially costly but they can also take valuable time from the manufacturing process. If mistakes are not addressed, then we are asking […]

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Financial measures that matter

For a business to continually improve, it needs to be constantly evaluating its operational and financial performance data. The challenge is however, ensuring those measures are aligned to drive performance and achieve the business’ strategic goals. Too often we see managers focused on departmental goals rather than the goals that will support business improvement and the […]

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The Quick Changeover

The quick changeover is something we work on for our clients that are trying to eliminate waste. A quick changeover is an enabler of many other Lean Strategies. The time a changeover should take really depends on the complexity of the equipment, but a 10-minute changeover is fairly typical.

Why is time so critical?

The goal of […]

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