There’s one thing that all high-performance teams have in common: high-impact leadership. High-impact leaders are those who are able to unlock the potential of their staff. They are able to leverage team strengths and guide their people to overcome weaknesses. High-impact leaders create cohesion across their teams.

It’s important to remember that performance management is not simply a matter of developing high-performance individuals. It’s about teamwork and developing a collaborative environment that supports innovation and enables the team to be greater than its individual members.

Leadership is key
Strong leadership is vital. High-impact leaders will develop and communicate team goals that are aligned with overall corporate goals. Visual workplace management is a great tool for innovative leaders because it allows management to quickly understand the status of team goals.

Quality leadership begins with one basic characteristic: genuinely caring about serving and empowering employees. This kind of leadership makes good financial sense too because it enriches every aspect of the employee relationship, from performance and engagement to loyalty and retention.

Working together
Promoting collaboration and trust are vital for establishing a high-performance team. This means setting up a strong foundation for relationship issues such as conflict resolution, the feedback process and communication. This can only be established and maintained by leaders who actually spend time with their teams.

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