Business Improvement Consulting

Our business improvement service spans the full breadth of business from ensuring you have the right organisational structure for success to implementing continuous improvement throughout your operating practices.

Corporate Partners business improvement programs can deliver results in every area:

  • Greater levels of employee engagement
  • A more motivated work force
  • Improved communications
  • Shared and articulated goals
  • Improved Work Health Safety (WHS)
  • Greater profitability
  • Savings

Organisational Structure

It is essential for businesses to have the right staff and operational structures in place to create success. At Corporate Partners we work with our clients to review their organisational structure and to establish the roles and accountabilities best suited to driving business improvement.

We help you identify strengths and address gaps and ensure your organisational structure aligns with your priorities. And most importantly, we help you communicate expectations to managers and staff.

Corporate Partners works with every level of an organisation, from CEO to shop floor, to align processes and KPIs.

Safety and Quality

At Corporate Partners we help our clients implement sustainable operating practices that improve safety and quality. It is not only mandatory to have safety and quality practices embedded in your business but it is required to drive the business competitive advantage.

We help empower your teams to prevent hazards and mitigate risks and we help translate targets into tangible actions.

We have a track record for improving safety performance and have assisted numerous clients in reducing their workers compensation insurance costs.

Continuous Improvement

Corporate Partners can help you implement continuous improvement. We will work alongside you to develop and implement the documentation and processes for improving your products, services or processes to maintain your competitive edge.

Strategic Goals

Corporate Partners works with managers and team leaders to review, develop and take ownership of strategies to maintain your competitive edge. We help you define individual and team goals that align with overall business strategy.
Strategic goals cannot be developed in a vacuum. Corporate Partners works with clients to examine the external factors affecting strategic goals: markets, competition, pricing etc. We marry this approach with our understanding of client operations and internal capabilities and work with you to embed strategy in the day-to-day operations of your business.

Profitability and Savings

Corporate Partners’ business improvement processes engage teams in eliminating defects and variations, reducing re