Diagnostic Business review with CoreValue

Corporate Partners is Licensed in Australia to the powerful CoreValue analytical process.   We have licensed consultants to help develop increased value to Australian businesses.

At Corporate Partners, we don’t just tell you, we mentor you through the process – that’s the value in having an experienced partner working with you and your team.

1. Start with CoreValue ‘Discover’ Report: Free Initial Analysis

You will complete a free initial 15 minute assessment survey—during a one-on-one conversation, or self-serve via a web or email link. The CoreValue system then instantly generates a powerful free discover report you can deliver to show the operational strength and value of your business, benchmarked against your industry, showing what your company could be worth if it performed like its strongest peers.

Click the link below to complete the Discover Survey online. All answers are confidential, and your information is never sold or shared.

Start your CoreValue discover report

If you decide to work with us, we’ll schedule a more comprehensive business assessment. Either way, the Discover Report is yours to keep, with no further obligation.


2. CoreValue ‘Unlock’ Deep-Dive Analysis 

The Unlock stage is a two-plus-hour deep-dive analysis (building on Discover) that compares your company against 18 value drivers, 78 sub-drivers, and thousands of comparable businesses–allowing you to create a more detailed and accurate report. It shows you exactly where we can help your company grow, build strength, and maximize value! 


3. CoreValue ‘Unlock’ Executable Growth Plan 

The deep-dive analysis produces a custom short and long-term executable growth plan to build your business. The plan shows the value of each task in advance and ranks them based on ease of implementation.


5 reasons why Corporate Partners is the best choice for your business

  • The best methodology – to uncover the core problems or inefficiencies your business is facing and show you what they are worth if you fix them
  • The best analysis – Corporate Partners will help you identify the RIGHT areas to work on first that will help you get the most value
  • The best results – You get a plan of action that includes detailed tasks-ready to execute. Plus, you get the help to get it done right and grow your company to the next level
  • Quality Support – Corporate Partners will partner with you and your team to transform these insights into your measurable improvements of results, capabilities and continuous improvement practices, using Lean processes”
  • ROI based – We generate a complete list of actionable recommendations – each item calculates an associated ROI

If you require any help or guidance in completing the CoreValue discover report, please call our toll free: 1800 104 899 or email us at corevalue@corporatepartners.com.au