Lean Manufacturing – Maximise Value, Minimise Waste

Lean Manufacturing is about maximising customer value while minimising waste. In other words, creating more value for your customers with fewer resources. Lean is a collection of techniques for driving out waste and improving productivity, competitiveness and the bottom line.

The ultimate goal of a lean organisation is delivering premium value to your customers with zero waste. Corporate Partners are lean professionals with a solid track record of partnering with manufacturing clients to implement Lean Manufacturing.

The Lean Manufacturing journey begins with “Lean Thinking” which focuses on optimising the flow of products and services through an entire value stream and eliminating waste along the complete value stream rather than at separate points.

Lean thinking leads to less effort, less space and less time to make products at less cost and with fewer defects or variations.

Lean Manufacturing is not a program, as such, it is the way a business operates. Lean Manufacturing does not happen overnight, it takes perseverance and thats why Corporate Partners works with organisations to deliver Lean.

Results that just keep getting better

  • Increase customer satisfaction with quality and delivery
  • Improve your process flow and eliminate defects and variations
  • Engaging your team in being responsible and accountable for safety, quality and cost effectiveness
  • Base your decisions on data and facts
  • Have the entire organisation working towards the same articulated mission and goals
  • Upskill your staff with nationally accredited training
Corporate Partners uses various tools for implementing Lean including Visual Workplace Management (VWM) techniques. We have summarised our process for working with organisations to implement Lean.

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The Corporate Partners Lean Manufacturing Implementation Process

To mentor and coach businesses to achieve excellence you need genuine expertise and operational experience. Corporate Partners consultants have these qualities as well as the skills to work with clients to increase their internal capability, setting them on a journey of continuous improvement.

Our consultants work onsite with our clients, taking leadership roles in implementing programs and practices that guide teams towards a culture of excellence that will deliver value year after year.

Engaging Employees and Management

Corporate Partners has learned that to be successful, business improvement programs need to be embraced at every level of an organisation.
Teams need to recognise the need for continuous improvement and the benefits it can deliver. They need to buy into and ultimately own the process. The Corporate Partners method ensures that rules, measures and guidelines are all agreed by the team and not imposed from on high.

Implementing Visual Workplace Management

Corporate Partners employs Visual Workplace Management (VWM) for distilling operating processes into essential actions and measures.

The VWM method creates visual monitors and guides to quickly communicate what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and whether it is being achieved.

Creating Mini Business Teams

Corporate Partners define each part of the supply chain as a Mini Business Team (MBT). Each MBT must see itself as a customer of the preceding MBT and a supplier to the next MBT.

This understanding leads to the clear definition and measurement of what can be expected as a customer and what is expected of a supplier. It clarifies what each MBT needs to do deliver the expectation to the agreed targets and standards.

Delivering Sustainable Continuous Improvement

Corporate Partners works with its clients to simplify processes. Even the most complex tasks have clear measurable deliverables that are agreed and understood by the MBTs and serve as the basis for delivering excellence.
Corporate Partners creates programs to continually bring each member of each MBT up to the standard of excellence that its customers demand.