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The Business Planning and Creative Problem Solving Training Program

Many competing factors impede the growth of Australian businesses. It is increasingly difficult to manage an internal supply chain and ensure that business potential is being realised while managing costs.

Corporate Partners delivers training that supports innovation and efficiency. It’s a four-month training program designed to ensure that your business is able to harness its collective intelligence for business improvement. Business Planning Training will provide staff with the planning and problem-solving skills they need to deliver improved results and outcomes for the organisation.

Business Planning Training is powerful and efficient in its execution. The first step is a management review where we assemble the executive team and conduct a one-day strategic-planning session. This vital step uncovers the key issues that may be impeding operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

During this phase, we explore operational bottlenecks and issues that impact efficiency and financial performance.


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Business Planning Training

Every business is different. To maximise the effectiveness of the program, we develop a customised solution that will address the issues that are affecting your profitability and efficiency.

We have a broad range of world-class tools to assist you and we will select the ones that are the best fit for your business.

Problem Solving Training
One topic that we have found benefits all businesses is Problem Solving. Every business experiences problems and some problems continually arise and are never completely resolved. When this occurs production time and organisational efficiency can be impacted.

Problem Solving is a core component of the training. We provide participants with a suite of powerful tools that when utilised effectively will resolve issues, efficiently and effectively. The goal is to have problems addressed when they arise, without the need to wait for a supervisor or manager participation.


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