Lean Manufacturing Empowers Staff: Productivity Up, Absenteeism Down

This rapidly growing food processing business manufactures dressings, sauces, mayonnaises and desserts for airlines, hotels, cafes and restaurants, and for gourmet delicatessens and select supermarkets in Australia and South East Asia.

The company is continually looking to expand into new market segments and to improve production processes.

This is a highly seasonal business and during peak production in December-January additional shifts have been needed to meet demand.

Excellent Outcomes at a Glance

  • Delivery: DIFOTIS improves to 96.4%
  • Cost: Quick changeovers save $48k
  • People: 5.7% increase in output per FTE; additional shift eliminated
  • People: 17.7% reduction in absenteeism
  • Safety: Reduction in injuries saves $265k in Workers Comp premiums
The company engaged Corporate Partners to initiate Lean in the workplace. Corporate Partners introduced a suite of Lean Manufacturing tools including 5S, Value Stream Mapping, Visual Workplace Management and Mini Business Teams.

Mini Business Teams and Value Stream Mapping are vital Lean Manufacturing tools and are the cornerstone of successful business transformation. Teams are equipped with the tools and skills to develop and achieve their mini business targets. This team approach truly engages employees in the business improvement process and has everyone working together towards achieving workplace excellence.