Lean Manufacturing helps Gas Company

The customer
Founded in 1976 our client is one of the largest Australian owned industrial, medical and specialty gas companies. They have over 220 employees across seven locations and quality and service are central to everything they do.

They know that people play an essential part in achieving company objectives and are committed to developing a high performance workforce and a culture of honesty, innovation, empowerment and commitment.

Excellent Outcomes at a Glance

  • Productivity: 53% time gain in filling bay
  • Safety: Safety performance improved by 73% and now below industry average
  • Quality: Rejects reduced by 71.5%
  • People: 10% Increase in employee engagement

The challenge
Producing a broad variety of gasses means a large volume of gas cylinders are transported around the site daily. The number of accidents and manual handling injuries was growing and that meant workers were being injured and compensation premiums increasing.

The annual staff engagement survey also uncovered declining employee engagement rates that management was eager to improve.

In a slowing market, the pressure is constant to reduce prices while maintaining service levels. “In order to remain competitive we needed to find some efficiencies in our manufacturing process,” said the National Operations Manager.

They selected Corporate Partners to work with them on a business transformation program because of their reputation and deep knowledge of Lean Manufacturing.

The solution – Lean Manufacturing
Management was aware of the need to maximise customer value while minimising waste. They realised that by implementing Lean Manufacturing they could achieve this. They were impressed by the pragmatic and hands-on approach that Corporate Partners took. They worked alongside the team members and listened to their ideas, always providing the guidance and knowledge needed. Corporate Partners were keen to ensure the team took ownership of the program so it became embedded in the company’s DNA. “Corporate Partners have been a great Lean Manufacturing partner, they have worked with us at every step of the way, ensuring we navigated the hurdles and achieved our goals,” said the National Operations Manager.

In the early stages of the Lean Manufacturing project Corporate Partners introduced Mini Business Teams and Visual Workplace Boards. The weekly training was conducted on-site in each team area, using the data from their workplace. This approach ensured the training was relevant and the project achieved employee buy-in. Every staff member could see they had an oppo