The importance of Supervisors in a Lean Implementation

One of the key factors in the success of any lean implementation is your people and more specifically the supervisors within the business.
Why are Supervisors so important?
While the CEO and senior managers might run the business and be on the Lean Project Team, the supervisors are on the shop floor working with your employees and […]

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Employee Engagement and the bottom line

With the ever increasing demand to do more with less, it has never been more important to maximise workforce investments. Labour costs are one of the highest expenses for most organisations, yet so many business leaders fail to see how they can get more from their human capital investments.

The challenge is engaging our staff – […]

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Is it time to rethink performance reviews?

It’s about this time every year that we turn our attention to the annual performance review for employees. Many managers groan at the thought of the annual review rather than looking at it as an opportunity to align their organisation’s goals with employee performance measurement.If your employees and managers aren’t working to execute your organisation’s strategy then you may have an alignment issue. The best place to start is with goal setting during performance reviews. […]

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Understanding leadership challenges for Lean managers

Good leaders recognise that they face challenges every day, from both internal and external sources. Many challenges are brought about by change and recognising the challenges will help us to navigate them. […]

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More productive meetings

If you are looking to eliminate wasted time and drive efficiency then it might be wise to review how meetings are run in your organisation. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that United States businesses lose around $37 billion annually in wage costs due to unnecessary and ineffective meetings. Unproductive meetings are costly […]

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