Certificate III in Competitive Systems and Practices

The MSS30316 Certificate III in Competitive Systems and Practices specifies the competencies required to apply competitive systems and practices to one’s own work as well as, where required, to assist others to apply competitive systems and practices to their work.

This qualification provides the skills needed to improve efficiency in a person’s own work role or the efficiency of a team or work area. It complements but does not duplicate qualifications supplying operational, production, maintenance, logistics, administration or other technical skills to industry. The skills in this qualification are often known in industry under a variety of titles many of which relate to manufacturing which is the origin of many competitive systems and practices. The most common term is lean manufacturing.

This qualification assumes that a learner has current or past work experience where operational or technical skills have already been gained and a supervisory, facilitation or similar level of responsibility exists. The qualification is not suitable for direct entry from school.


This qualification attracts funding from the NSW and Qld Governments , eligibility criteria apply. Contact us for more information on how you can apply for Government funding under this qualification for your business.

MSS30316 Certificate III in Competitive Systems and Practices – Recommended Units

Visual Management
1 MSS403001      Review competitive systems and practices    
2 MSS403085      Ensure process improvements are sustained
3 MSS402010      Manage the impact of change on own work
4 MSS402052      Implement continuous improvements based on standardised work practices
Problem Solving
5 MSMSUP390    Use structured problem-solving tools
6 MSS402080      Undertake root cause analysis  
7 MSS403053      Map an operational process
8 MSS403086      Improve cost factors in work practices
9 MSMWHS200   Work safely    
10 MSMENV272    Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices    

Typically, the implementation work will be undertaken with a combination of theory and projects. This provides an opportunity to address a specific issue or area and achieve defined outcomes. Corporate Partners programs are delivered through structured on-the-job learning, workshops and include one-to-one guidance and coaching for clients when required.

Training and Assessment sessions are conducted with the learners in a client company workplace, on the job, utilising the company’s facilities. This program is ideal for skills development and demonstrating competency so any skills program should incorporate or be embedded within real work activities.

MSS30316 Certificate III Competitive Systems and Practices is typically 12 months to complete. This time will vary due to learners taking leave, holidays or other leave during the program.

Competitive Systems and Practices

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Competitive Systems and Practices

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