MSS50316 Diploma in Competitive Systems and Practices

MSS50316 Diploma in Competitive Systems and Practices reflects the role of managers, technical specialists or those in similar job roles that are responsible for the implementation of competitive systems and practices to improve efficiency of an organisation. Increased competitiveness in Australian industry has highlighted the need for the introduction of world class Competitive Systems and Practices. Most businesses recognise the need to continuously improve operations, develop operational staff & provide knowledge & skills to remain competitive. Businesses need to improve efficiencies, reduce waste of all kind & have employees trained with the necessary skills to problem solve issues. 

This qualification provides the skills and knowledge required by a manager or technical specialist to determine and supervise the strategy for implementing competitive systems and practices in an organisation and the organisation’s value chain.

The qualification assumes that a learner has current or past work experience where operational or technical skills have already been gained and a managerial or technician level of responsibility exists. For this reason, the qualification is not suitable for direct entry from school.

Recommended Units

Part 1: Implementing/Improving & Embedding results from Visual Workplace Management

01MSS403085  Ensure process improvements are sustained
02MSS405013  Facilitate holistic culture improvement in an organisation
03MSS405007  Introduce competitive systems and practices to a small or medium enterprise
04MSS403010  Facilitate change in an organisation implementing competitive systems and practices
05MSS405041   Implement improvement systems in an organisation
06MSS403035  Implement the visual workplace
07MSS403001  Review competitive systems and practices
08MSS405001  Develop competitive systems and practices for an organisation
09MSS405084  Manage people relationships
10MSS403055  Facilitate continuous improvement through the use of standardised
                     procedures and practices

Part 2: Problem Solving

11MSMSUP390 Use structured problem solving tools
12MSS402080   Undertake root-cause analysis
13MSS403053   Map an operational plan
14MSS405030   Optimise cost of product or service

Part 3: Environmental sustainability and management

15MSMENV472   Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

Part 4: Mapping a value stream and value analysis

16MSS405013    Facilitate holistic culture improvement in an organisation
17MSS405008    Analyse and map a value stream map

Part 5: 5S

18MSS405040   Manage 5S in an organisation
19MSS403040   Facilitate and improve implementation of 5S

Part 6: JIT

20MSS405021   Develop a just-in-time system

Typically, the implementation work will be undertaken with a combination of theory and projects. This provides an opportunity to address a specific issue or area and achieve defined outcomes. Corporate Partners programs are delivered through structured on-the-job learning, workshops and include one-to-one guidance and coaching for clients when required.

Training and Assessment sessions are conducted with the learners in a client company workplace, on the job, utilising the company’s facilities. This program is ideal for skills development and demonstrating competency so any skills program should incorporate or be embedded within real work activities.

MSS50316 Diploma in Competitive Systems and Practices is typically 18 months to complete with 66 sessions. This time will vary due to learners taking leave, holidays or other leave during the program.

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