Following a period of suspense at the Queensland Training Awards evening held in Brisbane recently, the Hyne Timber representatives were thrilled at hearing their company name announced as the winner. This is the third award in just 3 months for our Queensland client.

This award comes after recently being announced the winner of the North Coast Region Training Awards and being inducted into the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame in July.

Jon Kleinschmidt, CEO of Hyne Timber accepted the award before making a short speech about its significance for their employees.

“Not only is this award an achievement our employees and the company as a whole can be very proud of, but it also reaffirms state wide, that what we are delivering, the results we are achieving, and the value we place on our people has been identified as the best in Queensland.” He said.

He went on to explain that professional development of employees is taken very seriously at Hyne Timber with dedicated resources to ensure continuous organisational development and learning.

“Training and continuous improvement is one of the essential elements towards future proofing Hyne Timber. “Our training is designed to empower employees to challenge the status quo, engage in the company’s growth strategy and work as teams to introduce innovative solutions and initiatives.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to also thank Corporate Partners, our registered training organisation for their role in introducing and delivering our training to suit the needs of our business; training which is already seeing considerable safety gains and efficiencies throughout the company.

“I look forward to going forward to the National awards later this year as the proud CEO of Australia’s largest, privately owned, timber company,” Mr Kleinschmidt said.

Hyne Timber is currently in the process of graduating around 480 employees nationwide with either a Certificate III or IV in Competitive Systems and Practices, by hosting celebratory events and certificate presentations.

All employees are required to undertake the national qualification which takes approximately 2 years to complete.