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Finding the hidden profits in your business

This Lean eGuide will shine a light on the financial performance barriers and growth inhibitors that many be impacting your business.

In today’s ever competitive business landscape, you can’t afford to be complacent as things won’t change doing more “of the same”. To sustain revenue performance and business growth you need to be “leading the pack” in terms of innovation and efficiency.

The Corporate Partners Founder and Business Transformation expert is sharing this innovative guide to demonstrate how easy it can be to improve profitability in any business.

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  • Optimising stock turnover
  • Dollar vs percentage for decision making
  • Hidden waste and how to identify it
  • Maximising facilities utilisation
  • Identifying bottlenecks
  • The percentage of sales from new customers
  • Have you got the right sales personas in your team?
  • The most underutilised tool available to every CEO
About the author – Ray Edwards
Ray Edwards is a recognised leader in business transformation. Since forming Corporate Partners in 2002, he has worked with some of Australia’s most recognisable brands to transform their business. Before starting Corporate Partners, Ray held General Manager and other senior roles at Amcor and its subsidiary businesses for more than 13 years. Ray has a thorough knowledge of business management, leadership and the global best practices that ensure success.

Ray has helped his clients to save millions of dollars and increase profitability using his pragmatic approach to business transformation. Ray is passionate about helping Australian manufacturers to become more competitive.

Ray works closely with his clients to implement the changes required for their business transformation program; his knowledge is not only strategic but tactical too. Ray is able to draw on his extensive leadership experience to work through the people issues that can affect change in any business; he understands that Human Capital is vital to the success of a business. Ray also recognises that the success of any project is measured on the bottom line, yet his approach is not about cost cutting, but about driving efficiency and eliminating waste.

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