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Corporate Partners | Business improvement specialists –
Excellence through people and process

We are experienced lean consultants and business improvement specialists. We partner with our clients to implement excellence, in staff and processes, to gain greater competitiveness in the global market.

Corporate Partners can lead you on a journey of continuous improvement or lean transformation where you will experience greater levels of employee engagement. You will have a more motivated staff working towards articulated goals that are aligned to the business objectives.

We teach the skills and provide the tools to improve your efficiency and productivity, and we help you build a more profitable and sustainable business.

Why Corporate Partners?

At Corporate Partners we are passionate about supporting Australian manufacturing and are committed to ensuring a sustainable manufacturing sector.
When you work with Corporate Partners you take on a partner with a shared commitment to building excellence into your business. Our people have worked with companies with similar issues to you and can empathise with your executive and staff. We are committed to providing value to our clients through business improvement programs that deliver enduring benefits throughout the organisation from CEO level to the shop floor.

Corporate Partners has:

  • A track record of success in business improvement
  • Proven skills and processes for implementing change
  • Experienced consultants who can engage with executive and staff at all levels
  • An effective team that will develop your internal capability

At Corporate Partners we take you on a journey of business improvement as a mentor and coach.

“We have seen safety, customer service, quality and cost improvements across our plants, and a number of our key performance outcomes have never been so good. Communication is stronger and there is greater understanding about how the business is going and what is important to focus on. Our recent negotiations for Enterprise Bargaining Agreements have been the most constructive and cooperative ever and it is really evident that we are all working together.”


Martin Haszard, Executive General Manager Capral