A Leadership Training Program to Build Strong Leaders

Leadership training designed to support and develop the skills managers and supervisors need to succeed in their position.


Leadership Training for managers and Supervisors

The leadership development training program is designed for team leaders/supervisors and employees acting in (or recently promoted to) a front-line management position, or those wishing to revise their knowledge or skills. Businesses often promote good staff to leadership roles, but forget to support them in gaining the leadership skills they will need in order to get the most from their teams.

This Leadership Training course introduces existing or potential supervisors and specialists to the fundamentals of the role of a supervisor whilst also providing exposure to structured systems and processes. The program is comprised of 10 learning modules in which the participants are trained in the application of each skillset.


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Self-development plan:

At the end of each training session a self-development plan will be developed that will focus on closing the Gap between current performance and required performance for that skillset. Each Participant is assigned a mentor who will work with them to ensure progress against the development plan.

Learning Outcomes

Once the program is completed, participants should be able to:

• Identify expectations of the supervisor’s role.
• Identify and apply key skills of communication, motivation and delegation.
• Resolve conflict effectively.
• Apply appropriate leadership skills to situations.
• Motivate employees to increase productivity.
• Develop team skills and accountability.


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