Here is a collection of videos produced by Manufacturing Skills Australia that demonstrate the successful application of Lean principles:

Alsco: Lean Video Case Study

Employee participation increased productivity, safety and quality in the Alsco textile rental business. Corporate Partners supported Alsco in restructuring its Footscray plant to incorporate a Lean manufacturing model. They involved staff in addressing a balance between productivity and participation.

Capral: Lean Video Case Study

Corporate Partners supported Capral in implementing a Lean manufacturing program in the Melbourne plant of this established manufacturer and distributor of aluminium profiles. Empowering staff was key to the successful transformation.

Applying 5S

See how five companies – SB Cosmetic Dentistry, Wrigley, Sealy, Qantas Engineering and Crane Copper Tube – have used the simple but effective 5S tool to gain a competitive edge in their industries.

Applying 5S: Introduction

5S Lean Manufacturing: Sort