Lean Implementation Process

Our Lean Consultants understand that in order to successfully mentor and coach businesses to achieve excellence, genuine expertise and operational experience is vital. Without this expertise our Lean Implementation Process wouldn’t work. Corporate Partners business consultants have these qualities as well as the skills to work with clients to increase their internal capability, setting them on a journey of continuous improvement.

Our Lean consultants work onsite, next to our clients, taking leadership roles in implementing programs and practices that guide teams towards a culture of excellence that will deliver value year after year.

Engaging Employees and Management

Corporate Partners has learned that to be successful, business improvement programs need to be embraced at every level of an organisation.
Teams need to recognise the need for continuous improvement and the benefits it can deliver. They need to buy into and ultimately own the process. The Corporate Partners method ensures that rules, measures and guidelines are all agreed by the team and not imposed from on high.

Implementing Visual Workplace Management

Corporate Partners employs Visual Workplace Management (VWM) for distilling operating processes into essential actions and measures.

The VWM method creates visual monitors and guides to quickly communicate what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and whether it is being achieved.