Standardised Work Practices

The standard work process establishes the best sequence for each process, manufacturing and office to establish a base on which to improve.  The key to business efficiency is ensuring that “best practice” procedures are followed by all employees undertaking the same task.  This will also include training employees to be competent to work to the new standard procedures and at the required task times.  Employees need to be involved in establishing the Standard Work procedures to engage them to perform at the required levels.

The process tools used will be directly modeled from the Lean implementation and process improvement strategies and will include the direct methodology of takt time, waste (Muda) reduction, variability, continuous improvement, and standard work analysis.

Corporate Partners Competitive Systems and Practices training establishes Lean and Continuous Improvement principles to a range of industries including manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, distribution and other process industries. 

This qualification assumes that a learner has current or past work experience where operational or technical skills have already been gained and a supervisory, facilitation or similar level of responsibility exists. The qualification is not suitable for direct entry from school.

Standardised Work Practices – Recommended Unit

Standardised Work Practices
1 MSS402052    Implement continuous improvements based on standardised work practices

Typically, the implementation work will be undertaken with a combination of theory and projects. This provides an opportunity to address a specific issue or area and achieve defined outcomes. Corporate Partners programs are delivered through structured on-the-job learning, workshops and include one-to-one guidance and coaching for clients when required. Online training is also now available.

Training and Assessment sessions are conducted with the learners in a client company workplace, on the job, utilising the company’s facilities. This program is ideal for skills development and demonstrating competency so any skills program should incorporate or be embedded within real work activities.

The program is designed with four sessions, usually 1.5 hours for each session in total over a period of four weeks.  There will be one (1) session a week allowing time for improvement and analysis in between training sessions. This takes into consideration any holidays, peak business period and any other breaks. 

Standardised Work Practices
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Standardised Work Practices

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