Being a leader can be a challenging role. It’s not all about being a good manager but more about inspiring people to follow you on a journey and support your vision.  Many leaders find that their days are consumed with problem solving and they don’t have the time that they crave for more strategic activities or motivating staff.

For effective leadership, it’s crucial to free up time by delegating less important tasks such as problem-solving. I know that all leaders are faced with problems, but it’s important to recognise that an issue must be important enough to warrant senior management involvement.

Too often I see senior managers dealing with problems that should be managed by staff at other levels, the people who are closer to the issues. This happens for a number of reasons:

  • no established internal problem escalation process
  • employees don’t poses the skills needed to resolve issues
  • lack of understanding of the problem and its root cause
  • employees haven’t been trained to use problem-solving tools and techniques
  • the business doesn’t have a culture of addressing problems properly and use temporary solutions that defer the issue until the time it arises.

For an organisation to increase efficiency and ensure that its managers are liberated from low-level problem solving, it must empower its shop floor employees with the authority and skills to resolve problems.

 Find the root cause

We know how it works when you are bombarded with problem after problem; there never seems to be enough time to explore the root causes of the problems, which means that the same problems keep arising. It’s essential to stop this unproductive cycle of time wasting to be able to focus on long-term solutions.

Employees are most frustrated when an organisation doesn’t solve problems as they occur and the employees are forced to continually find temporary solutions.

Change your view of problems

As a leader in an organisation, if you can change your approach to problems you may create opportunities for efficiency gains, skills development and improve the morale of your employees. Encourage employees to identify potential problems before they happen and empower employees to find the solutions.

If you can make problem-solving part of your corporate culture, you will be able to tap into the collective intelligence of your workforce and not over-burden the busy leadership team.

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